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Mary Budd
973-256-1033 x1126

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Kelly Davis
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Matthew Rohllf
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School Closings

During inclement weather, schools may be closed for the day.  In the case of school closings the following procedures will be implemented:

  • Announcement via email blast
  • Announcement via phone and/or text message blast
  • Posted on Little Falls Township Public Schools District Website Home Page or
  • Channel 7 (ABC) and Channel 12

In case of any other unusual emergency which would require the closing of schools, the PTA telephone calling chain will be implemented.

Please note:   If school is open and the parent/guardian elects to keep his/her child home at their own discretion, he/she should follow all the normal procedures for reporting absenteeism.  When a student returns to school following any lateness or absence, a note must be sent to the child's homeroom teacher explaining the reason for the lateness or absence.

Delayed Opening Procedures

If there are weather conditions which are considered hazardous to such an extent as to seriously hinder the opening of school, parents and staff will be notified of a  90 minute delayed opening  in the same manner as a school closing.

Important information regarding Delayed Opening Schedules:

  • Start times are as follows:
  • School 1 @ 9:58 am
  • School 3 @ 10:15 am
  • School 2 Grades K - 2 & Pre-K Full Day @ 10:30 am, Pre-K PM @ 12:50 pm.  There will be NO Pre-K AM.
  • Buses should arrive at assigned stops approximately 1 hour later than their usual time (please be flexible with pick-up times)
  • Dismissal times will remain the same
  • There will be NO AM BOOST
  • There will be NO AM SACC
  • There will be NO Breakfast
  • There will be NO Early Morning Drop Off
  • There will be NO PVHS 8th Grade Accelerated Classes
  • There will be NO PVHS Internships

If a delayed opening is scheduled and there is no significant improvement in weather conditions, the announcement to delay the opening of school may be changed to the closing of school through the usual channels.

If a delayed opening occurs and weather conditions deteriorate while school is in session, procedures for an early closing may be implemented.

Early Dismissal Procedures

In case of an unusual emergency (hazardous weather conditions, heating problems, etc.), it might be necessary to send your child home from school early.  This would only take place on a rare occasion, when needed.  You should advise your child of a procedure to follow during these emergencies.  Arrangements are the responsibility of the parent.  Please review your emergency contact information periodically and notify the school of any changes.

Important information regarding Early Dismissal Schedules:

  • Dismissal times are as follows:
  • School 1 @ 12:47 pm
  • School 3  @ 1:05 pm
  • School 2 Grades K - 2 & Pre-K Full Day @ 1:20 pm, Pre-K AM @ 11:30 am.  There will be NO Pre-K PM.
  • Bus stops will remain the same, however, please be flexible with drop-off times
  • All After School Activities will be canceled
  • There will be NO PM BOOST
  • There will be NO PM SACC