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Gifted & Talented Program

The Gifted and Talented Program provides identified students with a broad range of learning experiences and opportunities in all subject matters in order to build the well rounded student. Gifted students are those with an exceptional talent who perform or show the potential for performing at extraordinarily high levels of accomplishment when compared with others their age. Assessments are conducted at the end of 3rd and 6th grade to evaluate each student's eligibility and determine individual's program entry and exit.  Our Gifted and Talented Curriculum is a living curriculum that is often determined by the learner and their interests and special talents that is then tailored to the needs of the students.  The Gifted and Talented students work with the VEX Robotics, NAO Robot programming, STEAM activities, computer coding, mock trials, picture book writing, the list is endless and knows no boundaries.  If the students have an interest we provide the tools and resources for them to grow and explore.  The students also take part in activities and events such as the Law Fair, the Buehler Challenger and Science Center, Symposium for the Arts, the Montclair University outreach program as well as participating in Passaic County Gifted and Talented events.  The events are  part of the Passaic County Gifted and Talented Consortium where they compete in such things as Quiz Bowls, Battle of the Books, Geography Bees, Math Day, Technology Day and STEAM Days.

Identification Process
The identification process is based on the State of New Jersey’s Gifted and Talented Requirements (NJ.A.C.6A:8).  The identification process begins with a teacher nomination.  After having been nominated, multiple criteria are used to determine the eligibility of each student.  The criteria that the Little Falls Township Public Schools uses to screen students for the Gifted and Talented Progam are the SAGES-2 Screening Assessment for the Gifted Elementary and Middle School Students, PARCC results, teacher nominations and DRA scores for 4 th grade students.

According to the State of New Jersey’s definition, gifted and talented students are:

Those students who possess or demonstrate high levels of ability, in one or more content areas, when compared to their chronological peers in the local district and who require modification of their educational program if they are to achieve in accordance with their capabilities.

Therefore, the program identification guidelines must remain flexible and may change from grade to grade. Students can be nominated by their teachers at the end of 3 rd and 6 th grade.  At that time the nominated students are administered the SAGES-2 Screening Assessment for the Gifted Elementary and Middle School Students in Reasoning, Language Arts/Social Studies and Math/Science.  In the beginning of their 4 th /7 th grade year the nominated students’ PARCC scores are evaluated and in the month of September parents will receive a letter and matrix showing their child’s test results, as well as, if they are part of the Gifted and Talented Program.  This means that because a child was not eligible for the Gifted and Talented Program in 4 th grade, it does not mean that he/she cannot be admitted in the future. Please note that the G&T Program remains flexible and your child may be admitted to the program as his/her higher order thinking skills further develop.  A child must meet all eligibility criteria for acceptance into the Gifted & Talented Program.