Chain of Command

Chain of Command for Communication

There are times when a parent may have a particular complaint or concern involving their child or their respective school.  Each situation should be addressed according to the Chain of Command below:

»Contact the teacher involved. If the problem is not within the teacher’s responsibility or is not resolved, then:

»Contact the Building Principal. Again, if not resolved at this level, then:

»Contact the Superintendent of Schools, Tracey Marinelli at 973-256-7371 or If not resolved at this level, then:

»Contact the Board of Education through the Board Secretary, Melissa Sanzari-Stevens at 973-256-7371 extension 1227 or

A copy of the Bylaws, Policies, and Regulations Manual of the Little Falls Township Public Schools is available for review at »Board of Education »Board Bylaws, Policies, & Regulations.


District Chain of Command