In accordance with regulations set forth by the state of New Jersey Department of Education, the district conducts annual Child Find activities in effort to identify and service all students with disabilities residing within the district. Toward this end, the following notice is disseminated periodically, via newsletters and school publications, local newspapers, doctors’ offices, and public buildings in the community.

Preschool Disabilities Program

Little Falls resident parents/guardians who notice any special problems in their preschool child’s development, including: fine and gross motor development, speech and language development, acquisition of age-appropriate cognitive skills, or other significant developmental delays, should contact the Special Services Department at 973-812-9512 to request a Child Study Team Evaluation. The Child Study Team, parents, and other teaching staff members, as required by law, will meet to determine whether an evaluation is warranted, and if warranted, determine the nature and scope of the evaluation, according to the requirements of New Jersey Administrative Code 6A:14. If, upon conclusion of the evaluation, an eligibility determination is made, an appropriate educational program is provided by the Little Falls Township Public School District. These services are available to preschool children who will be turning three, through five years of age.*

*Special Education Services are available for all school-aged children as well, and any parents desiring further information should contact the Special Services Department at 973-812-9512.

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